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Mistakes that Kill Ecommerce Website Sales

When you are going through ecommerce website designs then make sure you look at everything from the customer’s point of view. Other than the IT aspect you should also understand human psychology. How people view a website, browse through them and click on links. You should test out all these features before launching your ecommerce website.

The ecommerce website design is a great way to work on the conversion rates. You should note the mistakes and try rectifying them to see which works for your sales.

No Clear Value Proposition

You need to proposition the value of the product you are offering. You need to know what people will bother reading or will they just click the back button. You should test the value proposition and make it stronger. This is what convinces people to buy from your store rather than your competitor’s. It is an important aspect of the ecommerce website design because you need to get the customer to believe the product you are offering is better than the others.

Weak Product Descriptions

The product description is incredibly important but often ecommerce website owners do not spend much time and effort on them. When a customer is making a comparison between two competing product they will always let the description be the deciding factor. The keywords and metatags you use in your descriptions and blog posts are also a part of the ecommerce website design and needs to be well planned and put together.

Not Utilizing Product Images

Customers usually go on the looks and you should use them to select the product they looks the most attractive. Visuals must be given significance when you are planning the ecommerce website design. You should pick a template that focuses on the images. The quality and composition of the photographs must also be up to the mark. People need to feel that they can physically see the product and imagine it in their hands.

Untrustworthy Websites

An ecommerce website has to compete with many other online stores. They should develop their brand and make sure it is a recognized and trusted name. The ecommerce website design reflects the trustworthiness of the website. It should hold up to all the promises made by your company. Make sure you add certifications and approvals from authorized vendors and ecommerce solution providers to convince customers to choose your store.


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